Copper Apron Sink

Copper and copper apron sinks have long been part of an elegant kitchen. Often copper pots and pans are kept in the kitchen where people can see them as decoration because of their rustic and attractive color. Copper made into a traditional copper farm sink or apron front sink makes a beautiful, durable style statement and is also environmentally friendly.

The Style of Copper Apron Sinks

A copper apron sink has a panel or apron that goes down the front of the sink protecting wood fixtures from water damage. This apron is also part of the style and may have hammered copper or embossed designs to add to the beauty. A copper drain is also important to go with the copper sink.

Copper apron sinks are fast becoming a style statement in modern kitchens. Hammered copper sinks have an old fashioned look and the natural color adds richness to any kitchen décor from stainless steel modern to rustic farmhouse.

Another distinct style is the Mexican copper sink. Mexican copper sinks offer unique artistry and designs that you won’t see at a box home improvement store.

The Shape of Copper Farm Sinks

Copper kitchen sinks come in a huge variety of shapes — round bowls, double sinks, one large basin and one smaller on the side, curved front, rectangle, square, double round basins, small veggie style and copper bar sinks — all with the attractive apron in the front. Many manufacturers will customize a sink to fit a specific space.

Copper farm sinks, sometimes called a copper farmhouse sink, are traditionally large and deep because they were used for many different household tasks from canning vegetables in the summer to bathing the baby. A slight radius in the bottom pan will allow water to drain easily avoiding standing water which may accumulate in a flat bottomed sink.

The Element

Some copper farmhouse sinks, especially those made outside the United States, are made with recycled copper that contains lead. The source and chemical make up of the copper should be ascertained from the manufacturer. Before choosing a sink made with this element make sure the manufacturer clearly states their sinks do not contain any lead or selenium dioxide, including the welding.

Copper Apron Sink

Copper Apron Sink

Copper apron sinks may come with a coating that is supposed to protect the finish and help maintain the red-brown color of the copper. But you can also find copper sinks that are not coated, allowing the surface to gradually take on its natural patina which will alter the color over time.

Pure copper and copper alloys were tested with the e-coli bacteria. The bacteria became nonviable in a few hours on a copper surface, but it survived for many days on a stainless steel surface. This is an excellent recommendation for cooking or food processing applications. Since copper is naturally antibacterial some people prefer a non-coated copper kitchen sink.

Because this metal is so long-lasting and resistant to rust many people feel copper repiping is the best way to go if you need to upgrade your plumbing. So choosing a copper apron sink instead of one made from another material is a good choice, as you will have this sink for many years.

Other Considerations When Choosing A Copper Farm Sink

Heavy gauge copper is more durable and will not dent as easily as a thin gauge. It is good to get a sink that is at least 16 gauge or more. Some sinks are made with standard sound reducing pads, these are common on stainless steel sinks but not on copper sinks. Manufacturers also offer different finishes from dark brown to almost a light silver color.

The best is natural copper. It should look like a penny. Copper cleans easily with lime and salt. No harmful chemicals are needed. Good quality copper apron sinks will have a manufacturer’s warranty.