Copper Bar Sink

A copper bar sink is a sturdy and ideal choice for various rooms within a residential or commercial property. Not only are they functional, but they can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home.

Copper bar sinks are commonly used in renovation and home restoration projects, especially when going for a distinct look. The installation of a copper bar sink can even increase resale value of a home if the bar area is done well with things like attractive bar stools, a bar fridge and other common bar equipment.

Copper Bar Sink Designs

Copper bar sinks come in a variety of stunning designs. While a wet bar sink can be made of an assortment of metals, copper has become a popular choice.

The finish is usually created manually. The hand-polished finished product gives the basin a unique and classic appearance. Hammered copper sinks are especially well liked with their warm, textured appearance. The distinct color of the basin is typically ingrained.

Copper bar sinks tend to have extremely deep ledges. The structure of the sink helps keep the water within the sink, which minimizes the chance of overflow or splashing.

Why A Copper Bar Sink?

The sturdiness of a copper sink is one of the main appeals of this type of bar sink. The durability associated with this type of sink makes for a sound investment. That’s also a common reason why people replace old galvanized pipes with copper pipes.

Copper Bar Sink

Undermount Copper Bar Sink

The quality and beauty of the individual basins gives the owner an easy visual concept to work with where interior design is concerned. The sinks also come in different sizes and shapes from a small bar sink to one that is long, thin and C-shaped. This gives the homeowner quite a selection of items from which to choose. The different sizes also give the property owner a choice in having this type of sink installed in both smaller and larger spaces within a home. Sometimes they even work well as a small bathroom sink.

You can even remain consistent with the use of copper sinks throughout the home, integrating other styles like a copper farm sink in the kitchen and a Mexican copper sink or copper vessel sink in the bathroom. Copper bathroom and kitchen sinks are not only unique but then can also be a conversation piece.

People who want to make minor changes to their home appreciate being able to update the kitchen and bathroom with copper sinks. The mere installation of a distinct sink like this can change the appearance of a key room like this.

Common Styles of Copper Bar Sinks

There are two popular styles of copper bar sinks. Most individuals either choose between a self-rimming copper sink or an undermount copper sink.

The difference between the two types of sinks lie within the basic structure. Self-rimming, or top mount sinks, have a rim around them that sits on the top of the bar counter. A hole is cut through the counter and they are mounted from the top.

The undermount bar sinks are mounted underneath the countertop and they often have a more modern feel to them. With this type of wet bar sink the counter has a smooth, polished cut and the sink is secured underneath it. Undermount bar sinks are more difficult to install, but when installed correctly they have a clean feel, with the countertop dropping into the sink basin, and they shouldn’t leak.

Professional Sink Installation

Professional installation of a bar sink is important for a number of reasons. If it is properly installed, the property owner can avoid experiencing mold and water damage in the future.

High-strength epoxies and silicone caulk are common substances used to install copper bar sinks in homes. Dust is a common problem experienced during the installation process. A reputable contractor will dust throughout the process of an installation to ensure a proper hold when the copper bar sink is installed.

When selecting a copper bar sink, be sure to have it professionally installed. If working with an interior designer, inquire which textures and fabrics should be used to complement this rich, warm-toned sink.