Corner Bathroom Vanity

For those with a small bathroom, a corner bathroom vanity is often the best way to maximize space and make even the tightest bathroom feel more roomy and comfortable.

Corner bathroom vanities, as their name implies, are designed to fit into the corner of a room, flush with a wall.

They may contain a single sink or act as a dressing table, particularly in bathrooms already equipped with a pedestal sink that offers no counter space. A corner bathroom vanity, or corner bathroom vanity units, come in a number of styles, ranging from ornate antique designs to stark modern models.

Types of Bathroom Corner Vanities

Corner Bathroom Vanity

Corner Bathroom Vanity

A vanity that is designed to accommodate a sink, or one that is sold with a built in sink unit is called a corner bathroom vanity vessel sink. This is the ideal option for those with a water line that runs through the corner of a bathroom, or a home in which the sink was initially placed in a corner. In most cases, these units are sold with a built-in sink, though it may be possible to replace this basin with the basin of your choice.

Vanities may also be purchased without a hole to accommodate a sink. These vanities are typically less expensive than their counterparts and may be used to provide supplemental storage space in a bathroom. Bathroom sinks without vanities make a nice compliment to such a corner bathroom vanity.

Sizes of Corner Bathroom Vanities

Vanities that fit into corners tend to take up less space than traditional rectangular alternatives. While any model will fit into any right angled corner, measurements must still be taken to ensure that they do not encroach too much into the center of the room.

The measurement that is most often provided by manufacturers is the distance from the corner of the room to the edge of the piece. When measuring at home, place a measuring tape in the corner of the room and measure outward along the wall. Make sure that there is ample room for the vanity, as well as enough space left over to comfortably access it.

For those who have special sizing needs, there are a number of manufacturers that will build a custom corner bathroom vanity to fit difficult spaces. Often, the surest way to find custom manufacturers is through their websites online.

Bathroom Corner Vanity Styles

Corner vanities come in a number of different styles. Whether you are hoping to match your existing decor, or would like to completely redecorate your bathroom, finding a style that fits your aesthetic should be easy.

A modern corner bathroom vanity is often marked by its sparse architectural design. These vanities are rarely too embellished, featuring clean lines and an economical use of space. They look best in recently updated bathrooms, and can be most often purchased in metallic finishes, or in a black, white or sometimes even a vibrant red.

Antique, or antique-inspired bathroom corner vanities are also popular choices. Many with old homes prefer to maintain the continuity of this look by furnishing their bathrooms with period touches. These vanities are the perfect compliment to claw foot bathtubs, a bathroom pedestal sink or papered walls.

Most antique corner pieces are styled as cabinets, which provide the added benefit of covered storage under the sink. Cabinets are often made of solid wood, but opting for wood veneer can be a money saving choice.

A bathroom corner vanity is the perfect addition to any bathroom in which space and storage are at a premium. Vanities can be purchased in stores or online in almost any size, style or material imaginable. In most cases, vanities are designed with self-installation in mind, so there is often no need to hire a contractor, though this of course depends on one’s comfort with do-it-yourself projects.