Mexican Copper Sink

A handmade Mexican copper sink can lend warmth and unique style to the kitchen or bathroom. Available in a myriad of shapes and styles, a beautiful Mexican copper sink fits with many decorating styles adding grace and value to a home. If you haven’t looked at them you may be surprised by the range of styles available.

A Passion for Artistry

Creating utensils, art, and jewelry from copper is a Mexican tradition dating back to Pre-Columbian times. For generations, Indians of Central Mexico mined the metal and created objects both utilitarian and beautiful.

When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, a blending of metal working techniques occurred increasing efficiency but retaining traditional Indian craftsmanship. This region of Mexico was famous for handcrafted copper kettles created by local copper smiths.

As demand for kettles dropped in the mid-20th century, new crafts developed including the creation of hand hammered copper sinks.
Today, families with a long tradition of copper smithing are creating highly sought after sinks. Now prized by discriminating decorators and homeowners seeking an alternative to mass-produced sinks, they can be found in home improvement stores, specialty shops, and on the internet.

Mexican Copper Sinks for Kitchen or Bath

Hand crafted copper sinks are available in a wide range of shapes and styles appropriate for a bathroom, a kitchen or a bar. They are more commonly found in kitchens because this seems to be such a common place to gather in a home, but they can also work well as the focal point of a bathroom giving it distinction. A copper bathroom or copper bar sink can be a conversation piece.

Copper sink styles are broken into three primary designs, undermount, top mount and vessel sinks. But you can also find large copper farm sinks to provide plenty of working space for a kitchen. Among these styles you can find either smooth or textured hammered copper.

Mexican Copper Sink

Mexican Copper Sink

Mexican copper sinks are typically smaller sinks, which is why they work well in a bathroom. You can find them in various shapes and styles from round to oval and plain to patterned.

A Mexican copper sink is a great choice if you are looking for a distinct, rustic vessel sink for your bathroom as the distinct design mixed with this particular style of sink really makes the sink a focal point of the room.

What truly makes Mexican copper sinks unique is the finish and the handcrafted designs. They lend distinction to any room where they are used and it is unlikely someone you know will have the same sink.

Finding a Quality Mexican Copper Sink

For durability and lasting beauty, the minimum gauge should be 18-gauge and 99.9% pure copper. Many sinks are created using thicker 15-gauge copper. For better durability choose one with a lower gauge. Look carefully at workmanship, seams, and edges to insure the sink is well crafted. Seams should be welded and not soldered. Be sure the copper is lead and mercury free; ask for a guarantee of this. There are a variety of finishes available; the choice of finish will determine the care the sink requires.

Caring for Copper Sinks

When you find a copper sink that is really bright, it is generally lacquered. In time this lacquer will wear and the finish will change if it isn’t maintained properly. It is important to use the proper copper polish and to wax the sink to maintain the finish.

The simplest finish to care for is the deep brown natural patina. This is the way aged copper appears and will require only cleaning with soap and water to maintain the look. The natural copper also has antibacterial properties. Acidic liquids like lemon juice cause the finish to turn pink so avoid putting undiluted acids into the sink.

Knowing a thing or two about copper sink maintenance will help you keep the desired finish on your copper sink. Follow manufacturers instructions for the best results and longevity.

With care in choosing and maintaining a Mexican copper sink, it will continue to be a thing of beauty for decades and an investment adding value to the home.