Copper Vessel Sink

The use of copper for the wash basin is not a brand new concept. Before the modern manufacture of vitreous china sinks, copper was one of the better choices available and was mined for use in many objects, not just the bathroom and kitchen where we so often see it today. A modern copper vessel sink integrates the traditional with the contemporary.

Accustomed to seeing the impenetrable surfaces of vitreous china sinks, one may question how practical a copper sink is for even a modest amount of regular use, let alone in an area that is visited several times a day. The answer is simple: it’s virtually maintenance free. Copper sinks do not require any chemical cleaners. Acidic substances should also be kept away from the copper vessel bathroom sink. […]

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Bathroom Pedestal Sink

These sinks may also be referred to as pedestal vessel sinks. You’ll find them incorporated into modern house construction more and more often. Both wall-mounted vessel sinks and pedestal links have become popular because they save significant space compared to traditional bathroom sinks with vanities. This smaller space footprint also often makes for a simpler and cheaper installation. Bathroom pedestal sinks work great in smaller bathrooms like powder rooms.

While a classic pedestal sink can still be found, a broad variety of colors and shapes are now available in all manner of contemporary design. You no longer must adhere to the classic oval or round pedestal sink. I’ve seen square pedestal sinks that look great in the right bathroom design. The only limitation you might have with a pedestal bathroom sink is that they can only be about 55 to 65 centimeter in diameter or width. Anything wider will look odd upon the column or stem. […]

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Undermount Bathroom Sinks

If a customer chooses a Kohler undermount bathroom sink, they can be assured that they are purchasing a quality sink that will stand the test of time. From the Kohler Devonshire undermount sink that is styled with the classy design of the old world, to the Kohler Ankara undermount sink which was inspired by a gorgeous water vessel that was discovered in Turkey to dozens of models in between. There are Kohler undermount sinks on the market that will fit into any budget and enhance any bathroom or powder room.

Some styles of undermount sinks are understated and classy, while others are artistic and audacious. For the modern bath, a buyer might consider investing in a sink that is also a work of art. There are sink bowls available that are inspired by some gorgeous works of art and provide a unique and sophisticated look that will make your bathroom truly unique. […]

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Bathroom Sinks

by Morris

With this Bathroom Sinks Guide, I will address the many options you have as well as the many variables you must consider before making your choice.

There is a wide range of sinks that you can buy that will suit any bathroom. The most traditional sinks are constructed from porcelain and are round, oval or square. Porcelain is the most popular material because it is smooth, strong and waterproof. If you want a personalized sink then it is possible to have custom-made sinks made to your color and liking. This is a more expensive option than buying off the floor.

The more modern bathroom sinks can be made from glass or metal. Glass sinks can be made with a colorful and unique look. Metal sinks can be constructed from brass, chrome, copper or stainless steel. While these are more expensive than porcelain sinks they can look fantastic in more modern bathrooms.

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Copper Apron Sink

Copper and copper apron sinks have long been part of an elegant kitchen. Often copper pots and pans are kept in the kitchen where people can see them as decoration because of their rustic and attractive color. Copper made into a traditional copper farm sink or apron front sink makes a beautiful, durable style statement and is also environmentally friendly.

A copper apron sink has a panel or apron that goes down the front of the sink protecting wood fixtures from water damage. This apron is also part of the style and may have hammered copper or embossed designs to add to the beauty. A copper drain is also important to go with the copper sink. […]

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