Small Bathroom Sink

There are a multitude of reasons to remodel a bathroom using a small bathroom sink, and installing a new sink as part of a remodel allows for a fresh design with entirely new hardware. This is possible to do even when you need a very small sink to conform to space restrictions. There is no reason a small bathroom sink cannot be functional and beautiful.

The Function of Small Bathroom Sinks

After shopping at various decorative bathroom supply stores, home improvement stores, and even design centers, you have found several small bathroom sink solutions that will fit into your limited space. Some may be out of your budget and others may be shockingly inexpensive, but before paying for anything, consider how the sink will be used.

Small Bathroom Sink

Small Bathroom Sink

For a sink that is going into a guest bath with low traffic, placing an artistic piece such as a small bathroom pedestal sink, or a unique sculpted glass vessel sink in the room may not create a cleaning hassle. However, if the children use it constantly, keeping it clean becomes more work.

For a high use sink area, small bathroom sinks that are made from porcelain are the most reasonably priced, and the easiest to maintain. Porcelain is very resistant to staining and the finish is durable enough to withstand years of hard scrubbing. Porcelain is no longer the plain, boring choice of decades gone by. There are many options of porcelain sink colors as well as unique looks available on the market.

If the most practical option is porcelain and you would rather have copper or natural stone, consider buying porcelain and saving the money to go towards a more ornate vanity. Better yet, skip the vanity, and choose a small wall mount bathroom sink with sleek lines or colored glass.

A Bathroom Sink Design for Everyone

There are several ways of installing a bathroom sink, whether the bathroom is large or small. In no particular order, the first is a self-rimming sink that goes into a pre-cut hole in a vanity or counter top. This sink has faucet holes drilled into it where the fixture will sit. It offers extra sink to view, but it also offers more sink to clean, and makes it more difficult to clean water splashed onto the counter.

The second is an undermount bathroom sink, which is installed under the counter, and leaves a clean counter edge that allows water to be wiped without obstruction into the sink. For these sinks, the faucet holes are usually drilled into the counter or vanity. Which you choose will often depend on the sink that fits your style, your space, and your budget.

Small spaces require special considerations as to where the sink will be mounted. If it is in a vanity, small bathroom sink cabinets that fit the space can be hard to find. This is especially true for a small corner bathroom sink or corner bathroom vanity, and it may be necessary to have a unit custom-made if one can not be found.

To find a vanity that fits your space, look at furniture shops and antique stores. Just about any surface can be waterproofed and cut to size, but be careful; do not put yourself in the position of finding a sink to fit the pre-cut hole on the antique vanity you fell in love with.

Small Bathroom Sink Maintenance Concerns

Inexpensive porcelain sinks will hold up to years of abuse from chemical cleaners; but if you choose a finished metal sink, special care is required to keep the finish from wearing off quickly. The same is true of natural stone to protect its waterproof sealant.

Read manufacturer’s instructions carefully and make sure anyone else cleaning your sinks understands how is should be done.

A small bathroom sink provides unique opportunities to stretch your creativity, so have fun and find something you will enjoy.