Bathroom Pedestal Sink

These sinks may also be referred to as pedestal vessel sinks. You’ll find them incorporated into modern house construction more and more often. Both wall-mounted vessel sinks and pedestal links have become popular because they save significant space compared to traditional bathroom sinks with vanities. This smaller space footprint also often makes for a simpler and cheaper installation. Bathroom pedestal sinks work great in smaller bathrooms like powder rooms.

While a classic pedestal sink can still be found, a broad variety of colors and shapes are now available in all manner of contemporary design. You no longer must adhere to the classic oval or round pedestal sink. I’ve seen square pedestal sinks that look great in the right bathroom design. The only limitation you might have with a pedestal bathroom sink is that they can only be about 55 to 65 centimeter in diameter or width. Anything wider will look odd upon the column or stem. Continue reading