Undermount Bathroom Sinks

The classic clean lines of an undermount bathroom sink allow it to be easily washed and make a great surface area for keeping all of those necessary bathroom accouterments close at hand.

You can install undermount sinks in many different types of counter top surfaces such as laminate, tile, marble, stone, wood or any other solid surfaces. Undermount bathroom sinks are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors and can be matched or contrasted with the undermount sink faucet.


If a customer chooses a Kohler undermount bathroom sink, they can be assured that they are purchasing a quality sink that will stand the test of time. From the Kohler Devonshire sink that is styled with the classy design of the old world, to the Kohler Ankara sink which was inspired by a gorgeous water vessel that was discovered in Turkey to dozens of models in between. There are Kohler undermount sinks on the market that will fit into any budget and enhance any bathroom or powder room.

Some styles of undermount sinks are understated and classy, while others are artistic and audacious. For the modern bath, a buyer might consider investing in a sink that is also a work of art. There are sink bowls available that are inspired by some gorgeous works of art and provide a unique and sophisticated look that will make your bathroom truly unique.

Undermount Bathroom Sink

Undermount Bathroom Sink

You’ll find undermount sinks that are space-savers and sinks that offer maximum bowl space; styles that are self-rimmed and styles that are available with or without an overflow. You can select from an undermount porcelain sink as well as sinks made from heavy cast iron, brushed copper, or even stainless steel. A stainless steel undermount sink is more commonly found in a kitchen, but it is a great type of sink to place in a bathroom as well. A stainless steel undermount bathroom sink brings a fresh contemporary look to a bath and offers an affordable option to achieve an elegant and durable bathroom sink. There are vintage styles and contemporary styles as well as any style in between; so a consumer can choose a sink that matches the décor of the bathroom whether it is a sleek modern bathroom or one of ornate Victorian design.


The basic models start at around $100 and they run all the way up to a few thousand dollars for some of the models inspired by unique pieces of art and designed with rich details and ornate mosaic or other artistic designs. For the average bathroom, a buyer will usually spend from $100 – $500 depending on what features that they seek in an undermount bathroom sink. There are many great models under $300 that would be ideal for the average home bath.

The undermount bathroom sink is an ideal style of sink for a bath or powder room, whether it is just being built, or for those remodeling projects because they are affordable, durable and available in a vast array of styles, colors and prices to fit any budget, and any décor.